How to center 3D drawn stuffs?

I’ve been learning how to draw stuff in 3D and it looks cool and all but it’s not aligned in anyway.
For example, I drew some text above a entity. How would I correctly go about centering it?
Also, how make it rotate with the entity to stay in the same location.

Example below:

Thanks for any help.

The easiest way would be to have your text be centered at 0, 0
( draw.SimpleText x: 0 y: 0 alignX: 1 (center), alignY: 1 (center) )

and then use the 3d position of the 3d2d view and position that in the middle of the entity.

That seems to work, but how would I raise the text above the entity? I don’t want the text to rotate around when the entity is moved, just for it to stay at the top of it - if that makes any sense.

USE YOUR MATH. If you have no idea how to do that, look into “understanding of 3d vectors/points”.

Okay, I got it, finally. Vectors are an ass.:hammered: But I managed to create my first addon.