How to Change gamemode on ArtofWar

Me and my friend set up a server from

And we want to change the gamemode to DarkRP from Sandbox. We arent too sure how. If anyone can help us that would be great.

Install the gamemode on your server, and set it as the defualt in the config files.

Or contact their support, you are paying them to provide you with support and a server, so why not use it!

We just dont know how to install it. Doesnt show up anywhere how to. We will contact support if we have to resort to that.

Oh god… Art of war…

My suggestion. Switch to xenon servers and open a support/luascripting ticket.

Not happening. Just bought a years worth of server time

Plus I just looked up Xenon. Only server is in Dallas?

Kansas City, MO now. We moved data centers.

Get a refund then. AOWC is a SCAM.

Any proof? I just want to know why? I dont mean to sound rude but Im not just going to cancel because one person says it

Also AOWC has a server in Chicago. Thats far more closer than Kansas Since Im in Ontario and my friend is in Ohio

This shows me how to make a Source dedicated server.

Since it is so hard to google it, here is a link.

Nobody is going to do it for you unless you contact their support in which case they might do, otherwise look on google for a guide. Also, that link i posted does show you how to install DarkRP if you put in the effort to read HALF WAY down the post.

AOWC is garbage. They hosted my TF2 server for 3 months and I had tons of problems. There were frequent downtimes, the server was extremely unstable (only mods that were installed were sourcemod and mani) and it crashed multiple times per day. The support was okay. Sometimes I’d get a response within a half hour, other times it would take over a day. I’ve been through numerous GSPs and Art of War Central is easily one of the worst (that I’ve used). I say get a refund ASAP and switch to a better, cheaper company like Xenon. The distance from Chicago to Kansas City is not that far, and you won’t notice a very big difference in latency. Just check out one of their test servers and see what it’s like. Depending on the datacenter, they could have a better backbone allowing for a faster connection between you and the server. You never know.

Thanks anyways. We got Dark RP to work on our own. Its just now ASS mod has this weird plugin that adds “.” to everything which makes commands impossible. We are going to contact support with that

Delete the grammar plugin, profit.

You should be asking support before you come here in the first place. What do you think you’re paying for?

AOWC is complete shit. They move your server without warning, they put 100 servers on one shit box, I would chargeback and move to xenon or something.

Who pays for a year’s server time upfront the first time using a company?

AOWC was a huge misstake by you, your server will change IP every day and they got like 100 servers on the same shitty box. It will lag like hell, ask for a refound. I would recomment Used them for a while and only one IP move under a few years