How to change look/skin of the "Console", "Options"..?

I am wondering how to change skin for menu dialogs such as “Console”, “Options” (…) in Garry’s Mod?
I know it is possible to do this in TF2 and CSS…
So, I have searched for “mainmenu.res” and “mainmenuoverride.res” files in entire (base) GarrysMod folder, found no matches. I have then searched inside GarrysMod/garrysmod/garrysmod_dir.vpk file, again no matches.
But, then I have looked into “materials” folder of that vpk file, and there is a subfolder called “console” which tells me that’s the right thing to edit or perhaps I am wrong?

It’s the same way as any other Source Engine game.

It turned out I was looking for a wrong file. It is actually “SourceScheme.res”, located in GarrysMod\garrysmod\resource folder.

Aw… :happy:

Small update:

Nice - I’ll try getting lime/dark gray combo :3

Can i get that skin? Looks much better than default gray

Should be changed imo it’s the only thing that hasnt changed yet in gmod probably

It was changed already

It is pretty easy. I think I will do a small designer app :cool:
That will make it easier and also quicker to make skins…


I need one information from somebody more experienced.
What’s the name of this format?
I just know, it is not BSON, CSON, JSON nor INI.

looks like the default keyvalue text which gmod uses.

Steam, and other Source engine games uses this too… In “Steam/config” folder they have extension “VDF”…
Now, I have found this:

gmod uses the same keyvalues as any other source game, so… looks like keyvalues, as I said.

Well, there are several “Key-Value pair” languages from Valve.
The thing is, I need a parser (serializer and deserializer) for “Generic VDF” language as that’s what SourceScheme.res uses :worried:
I can write my own, but I really wouldn’t like to “reinvent the wheel” if somebody has made public one already…

If you’re using C++ you can compile the source engine’s tier1 library and use the KeyValues class. Otherwise, read it and weep:

Easy way to use tier1 properly if you are using premake5 is to include in your project and use include() link so.

Ask nicely and somebody would probably just chuck some bindings for this in to a module.

Here’s black-gray-red if anyone feels like it fits his likings.

Nice very nice !
Escuse me just one question ?
ScrollBar.Wide 15

What is it ?

the width of the scrollbar in the console, probably.

Is there only the console with low alpha?

As you see there is! ^-^