How to change map name?

So I need to update my map, and in order to do that I need to change it from map.bsp to map_v2.bsp

but when I change the map name manually it messes up the lighting for almost all props.

I also tried just using the save as function in hammer but that failed to work at all.

sorry if the answer is obvious

Just open the vmf. Save it as a new map. Recompile it.

If you’re trying to change the name of the map in the game, you hjave to open the vmf in hammer, go to map properties (its under options) and then change the name. Now in the map browser, it’ll show a map name.

If you still somehow fucked up, or the lighting is all broken. Whats your compile log look like? Because you’ve obviously got something all fuckered.

Richard has the answer, but I want to clarify that you should never, ever, ever change the name of an already compiled map, it will mess things up.

the same way you would in any other program ever.

file > save as

i used export and that seemed to work

It still gets the error ‘Your map [xxxx.bsp] Differs from the servers’ for some people

The updated version has a new name but I am unsure what the problem is.

If you use fastdl, it won’t replace the map they already have, if you’ve distributed it once before.

FYI workshop is brilliant for constantly working on maps because you can keep the same map name and clients automatically get it updated without having to have tons of different versions.

You just have to keep the content in separate workshop downloads because packed maps will tend to not fit on workshop due to the stupid arbitrary limits set by valve.