How to change resolution when out of range?

Hello, i recently changed my Garry’s Mod resolution by accident to 1600x1200 but thats a way too high res. for my computer so it goes out of range. I cant see anything but i can hear stuff and i can still control the game. How do you change the resolution when you cant see anything and its Out of range?

I’ve already switched the resolution to 640x800 in the hl2.exe properties but that didint work either.


Hmm…I know that reinstalling Gmod DOESNT reset options…I would check if theres a “set to defaults” button outside of Gmod.Maybe like some other games that have the “configure options” menu OUTSIDE of the game and/or before ya launch it.

Launch options. If only I could remember them.
Something like -width # -height #

Wha? How do you get to the launch options whosdr?

Lol, I know how to do alot of things but that -.-