How to change rp_setmoney on DarkRP 2.5?

Hey guys, I just want to change the code for rp_setmoney so that admins cannot set there own cash. I want a nice server where the money is legitimate and not just blown. Where do I modify the code for it in DarkRP 2.5?

Thanks Guys!

Get better admins.

I’ve got good admins, I just want to keep everything legitimate. Not having to worry about influxes of money going out to people or them just running around not printing. It gives less places to raid and makes the game not as much fun. Anyway, how do I do this? :stuck_out_tongue:

If you need to disable rp_setmoney because you’re afraid your admins are going to abuse it, you don’t have good admins.

It’s defined in DarkRP/gamemode/modules/money/sv_money.lua on line 271.
Bear in mind that it’s for superadmins only, so you probably don’t actually need to disable it.

Thank you, Sir!