How to change skins?

Alright, so I was getting add-ons then I saw a police car. Turns out it was a skin. I have it installed, But how do I change the skin of the car In-game? I watched some videos, but they were outdated. Please help.

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And, what about bodygroups?
How do you change them?

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I’m sorry that i’m a noob, but, is there a tool? Or do you have to switch it out if game?

Somebody please help.

You need this.

Well if it’s actually a skin, rather than an entirely new prop then as you have mentioned you can use a Bodygroup Changer. It allows you to scroll the skins of selected model without removing it.

If you installed the skin correctly then you should be able to simply select the model with a Bodygroup Changer and click right-clicks until you find your skin. You can see on the screenshot below what will happen.


Thank you.
This worked.