how to change spawn position???

sorry im noob but how to change spawn position on a map? lets say grassflat, how do i get the cords for spawn for example?


ok and what if i dont want a random spawn and i have a place on the map where i want to spawn how do i know the coords (x,y,z) of that point? and how would i write it with this hook?

ents.FindByClass( “” )

the wiki doesnt explain examples very well =/

Take a look at this sent -
It changes the players spawn to the sents current location

ents.FindByClass is used to find certain things so if prop_physics was put in the parameters you can use a for loop to go through all the props in the map and make them preform a function

Make a ent called ent_spawnpos or something then do

in players spawn

local spawns = ents.FindByClass(“ent_spawnpos”)

now you might want to make a table at one point and remove the values as players spawn to prevent players from spawning in each other but this should start you off.

if you put
local spawns = ents.FindByClass(“prop_physics”)

then you would spawn on a random prop that is in the world
[Lua] local spawns = ents.FindByClass(“what ever you want”) [/Lua] Will create a table called spawns
and [Lua] table.Radom(spawns) [/Lua] Will pick a random value from that table

Very good break down sweeneypaul.

Ok… what the fuck is this. Why are you using ents just to set a spawn position? You can use static positions because they don’t need to be positions in a vmf…

OP: You can use player:GetPos() and player:GetAngles() to get a vector position and angle angle. You can also use “getpos” in the console.

I can’t quite remember if PlayerSelectSpawn takes an entity or a vector as a return value. If it’s a vector, you can just return the position. If not, hook to PlayerSpawn and player:SetPos and player:SetAngles to set them to the new spawn position.

You would actually spawn in the prop…

It was just an example of something similar and I know you would spawn in a prop but im sure he could figure out a fix like getting the bounding box length and add that to the z value of the spawn pos. Im only gave him some help if I wanted to write out exactly what he needed it might as well be in the request section

I don’t know if this is related, but how can one make it to when you spawn in the player enters the vehicle on its ent spawn

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I have a menu in which you select a plane, and I need the player to enter the vehicle when that plane spawns