How to change the hands of a SWEP? Yes I''ve googled it...

Hey guys so this morrowind swep pack uses these css hands for the view model. I was wondering if I could and how to switch the hands to typical citizen hands. All feedback is greatly appreciated thanks…

Pick for what I mean^^^^^^

For those who can’t see the picture -_-:

You need to decompile the model and delete the hands mesh

If you don’t want to do all that model decompiling, you can use self.Owner:GetViewModel():SetSubMaterial(), but you’d need pre-made textures for that

^ And hope the hands are separate to the weapon (which they should be)

Pretty much every weapon with CS:S hands has the hands separate because the base texture is separate from the weapon texture

Just a thought:
If you used the submaterial method, you’d have to either completely hide the hands (making the weapon float), reskin the hands (which may make the hands model look a bit odd) or hide the hands and put a model in their place.