How to change the position of the "Friend" "Kill" and other tags?

So on my server I’m going to have a section on the scoreboard for ranks and points. I currently already have ranks but the tags of missing, friend, kill, and everything else is really close to the rank names. After adding points its going to be right on top of rank names as seen below.

If someone were to mark me as friend the text would be right on top of the rank. I have no clue what file to edit so I can’t post the code to it but if someone tells me what file and line to change the position of those tags I will try it. If you need code tell me what file. I put the code for adding points and ranks to scoreboard in vgui/sb_row.lua

The tags are located in sb_info.lua

Could you be more specific of what I have to do to move them?

Ok, I was being dumb, in sb_row on about line 325, that is where is sets the position of the tag.
It should look like something similar to this:
self.tag:SetPos(self:GetWide() - (50 * 6) - self.tag:GetWide()/2, (SB_ROW_HEIGHT - self.tag:GetTall()) / 2)