How to change the voice.

Hi I am Brazilian, so if something is wrong sorry. I’m new to Garry’s Mod Well I know what to do videos need fraps and tinker with some settings. I already know the GCFScape and how it works. But I would saber.How change my voice to the characters? I know how to write, how to move the characters to ray gun physy disappear in the video, I move on GCFScape to extract the sounds. I wonder, How do to change my talk to the voices of the characters?

Please answer. Sorry for bad English.

Videos section is a better bet to get the answer you’re looking for.

Although I don’t entirely understand the question.

Because I know quite a lot in gmod. I want to create videos with the voices of the characters but I do not know how. I know how to unzip the songs that are in CFG file (do not know how to spell) but I do not know how to do example: I make a recording and change my voice to the characters. Could you help me?

English may be bad because I am Brazilian and I am using the google translator.