How to check players inventory?

Alright so I own a server(not here to advertise don’t worry) and a hacker killed me. How I know this is I was in a room inside my base and was killed. But when I got back All my doors and walls were intact. And I could open them all. So that only means one thing, a hacker killed me. Now how would I go about looking at players inventories? Its a brand new server and I had about 100x metal pilars, 100x metal walls, 20x metal doors, etc. so there is no way a normal player would have those. So my plan would be to find out who it is and ban them. So is there anyway for me to check and edit inventories?

Not possible afaik. You could kill the sleepers or give you c4 break in a wall, look in the boxes and replace the wall again.

Are you running a door sharing mod on your server? It’s also quite possible for them to have came in through a wall and replaced it.

That’s what you get for abusing your admin powers.

let me guess, you logged out wearing a certain specific set of clothes?