How to check which addons are using alot of usuage

My server begins to get really high ping as we get more player for example we get 100 ping at 50 players then about 160 at 60 players. I was told by the hosting company that we have an addon that is making the server lag by using a lot of usage is there any way I can check this without taking all the addons out then readding them 1 at a time? Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

One thing you could do is take a look at what hooks are being called with gCompute by !cake. I’m sure there’s something better you could do, but there’s your start.

EDIT: Was looking for something like this, thanks below.

Or with DBugR

Thank you for your responses! Hopefully I can get this fixed :smiley:

So this is what I found

It is called URPC and also it goes as high as 25k size in the Server - N Tab and gm_spawnsent also has a value of 49.2 in the Server - P tab

Does anyone know if it would be that ? its got a value of 45.421 in the pinpointing -> Client - P menu