How to choose ACF ammo?

I’m new to ACF, and I’ve been doing some tests and experiments to decide what ammo to use in my tanks. I’ve been searching what compositions to use, and asking other players what they beleave to be the best.

I found some combinations that apparently are the best option for each type of ammo, to do more penetration, cause more damage and stress the armor for a next shot, but what really catch my attention was how AP rounds do that so much better then the others. Its at last 12 times better then the best combination I got for HEAT, easily destroying a 400mm front of a tank in 1 to 2 shots with any reasonable caliber where HEAT would take at last 18 shots unless you were lucky. It barely cause damage, and pretty much only scratch the armor.

It doesnt seem right to me. I know HEAT does some area damage and sort, but how could this be so amazingly unbalanced? HEAT is supposed to be “anti tank” after all, but seems to be good only against very light vehicles. Is this correct, bugged, or is it my fault? And what exactly could I be doing wrong?

What I’m using for AP: Whatever combination displays the maximum Penetration (more Proppelant then Length)
What I’m using for HEAT: Low Proppelant (about 250ms muzzle velocity), 55 cone crush degrees for maximum fragmentation and maximum HE filled volume. I tried other combinatios too, this one was the best.

AP ammo does a lot of damage because it’s kinetic energy. HEAT is meant to be low velocity to be effective, as you need most of the shell capacity for the explosive filler. HEAT is mainly meant for howitzers, which are accurate and lightweight.

When AP doesn’t penetrate, it does a lot of prop damage, but when HEAT fails to penetrate, it only does HE damage, and HE doesn’t do jack shit to heavy armor.

The advantage you can have with HEAT is that it can arc and hit a slope at a flat angle, increasing chance of penetration, however HEAT can be defeated by spaced armor. HEAT requires velocities of 200-300m/s to have an effective load.