How to code a Anti Cheat?

Hey all,

So there is a new cheat going around and it can bypass my Cake Anti Cheat. So it got me thinking, how would I make an anti cheat? I’ve looked around and I’ve just seen other people making anti cheats for $$$ but I don’t want to spend anything. Could anyone please tell me how I would code my own, secure and good anti cheat?

~ xxrileyyzz

No one will give you secrets that they’re selling for free.

If you don’t want to pay anything then you’ll need to do the research.

There is no correct way to make an anticheat, People do all sorts of different stuff like reading the clients lua scripts to see if there is anything there should not be, scanning code for known snippets/keywords in hacks, check console commands, check for unusual movement for stuff like aimbot, checking for hooks or concommands that should not exist etc. Download some common cheats to see what things you should look for, or maybe even try to get a private cheat and figure out how its bypassing your system. Good luck btw.

Cake will struggle to detect a C++ hack if that is what your cheaters are using

Pretty sure it might be Lua, but it has a cac bypass. Im still figuring out how to block it by going through the scripts code, still confusing af.

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Found a Github of it here. It’s scanning for a file in cake anti cheat. I should probably just pay for someone to code me a ac.

If someone gave you that code, they are lying. That alone will not do anything to cac.

I found it after a quick google search. I’ve seen it in action on one of my old servers, it can cause lag, or even crash the server. Whilst I had sv_allowclua turned off. Is that even possible? Oh and cac didn’t even pick anything up.

That odium code is old lol.

And yes anyone can bypass sv_allowcslua but cac and other antocheats catch most of those people.

if you don’t know how you won’t be able to make a good one
And if you just copy tricks, you’ll end up creating one like the masses have
I e.g. know a method to detect every aimbot ( even legit ones with ‘smoothing’ n shit) serverside, with 3 tricks which apperently have a 100% reliability.
you just gotta be innovative, and play the cards right.
no point in pushing out a killer ac either way, no one gives a shit, people can’t differentiate between good or bad. CAC is hailed as the king, meanwhile no one knows what goes on behind the scenes because of it’s obfucusation - security through obsecurityyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

if the workings of an anticheat were made public, the cheaters would then know how to get around it.

Sorry. ;o

If your method is 100% reliable why don’t you post it to the masses since security through obscurity is bad?


jit.attach. That’ll detect most skids if you use it right.

If your method is 100% reliable why did you disable both your server-side anticheat on scriptfodser?

if all cheaters had it, it’s reliability might just decrease, plus, the definitions of security & obsecurity of each individual may differ.

scriptfosdser is good site, can’t be arsed to tell like 3 to 5 drp kids daily though how to read a big ass FAQ - niggas dont even read a message if they see it in their chat like wtf

Aren’t gmodstore anticheats pointless? if someone that knows what they’re doing really wants to bypass it, can’t they just purchase it on gmodstore, look at the code and create a bypass for it?

Yes and no.

Yes they can buy it and look at it, however your typical cheater won’t actually know how to bypass these so it helps protect against a bunch of people who don’t know what they are doing.

Ley knows more about how reliable it actually is.

Idk it just seems like you’re flaming cac only because it’s easy to use and has been relevant for 2+ years

where’s me flaming it?
I dig the obfucusation on a personal level. I’m just pointing out the fact that no one knows whats going on behind the scenes. That does not mean it won’t get rid of most of the cheaters - it clearly does, that’s it job and cake does keep it running and supported, pub cheats except maybe some c++ shit gets squat’d.

Due to the whole obfucusation, some people tend to underestimate or overestimate it - a appropriate estimation of it’s mechanisms is effort.