How to code a npc

Hello. i need help with how tp code a npc like “bail npc” “gang npc” “shop npc” if someone can teach me the ground rules and bassic stuff.

Contact me on skype or steam

steam: redpower


or leave a comment :slight_smile:

It’s very rare that you will find someone that is willing to help you with this for free and barely provided much information.

Not only that, people that have coded this kind of stuff is being ‘sold’ (unfortunately).

Search the forums for the NextBot thread, should be in this subforum.

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next bot and npc is two diffevent things. Nextbot is interactive and npc isn’t


So can anyone give me a link there i can learn me to script npc not next bot

There is no more good tutorials about SNPCs. Plus SNPCs are broken, you have recreate everything yourself like I did. You have to even recreate the animation system yourself, which will require a lot of coding experiences.

You don’t want an “NPC” so to speak.
You want to make a static entity that players can interact with to buy services from.

Can someone give me the bassic start code for SNPC?

Ever thought about releasing it? I’m sure a lot of people would be interested.