How to code nukes?

i found this guy who has this epic explosion made in the particle editor and i want to turn it into something usable but i don’t know how to code, does anybody have any knowledge/ layout that they would like to share? :smile:

You missed the Lua scripter for Hire thread.

I don’t have any code for you but I suppose it would be something like this:

  1. Create the particle.
  2. Find players, entities in one or multiple spheres.
  3. Apply effects to them, such as damage.

If you want to apply force to them you need to do some math.

You basically create an entity, use a hook to run your function when you either use the entity or fire at it or whatever. If you don’t know any coding it’s going to be hard for you but if you know any language you should probably just be able to learn the new syntax. I think it’s harder to make the particle effect look good.

I’m sure someone here will post some decent code if you want it, I can’t test anything right now though so I wont.

If your still looking get a hold of me on steam I should be able to give you some pointers and some code from the old GCX bombs.