How to compress map : Rp_headattack_v1

Hey guys, so it’s been a long time since then I really want to use this map on my server but it won’t work, it seems like the map is too big.
So any help on how I could easly fix this ?

there’s no such thing as a map being too big, if its on workshop then you can just use resource.AddWorkShop to send it to joining players instead of trying to send it through your fastdl

It’s not throught my fastdl it’s thought the collection mate I am must use the .bsp version which of course doesn’t work so what do I do and I can assure you that I am not the only that is troubleshooting this problem so if you’re right, why am I having something saying that my map is going over the 64mb limit ? (The map weight : 100mb~)

try net_maxfilesize 512 inside the server.cfg

Last time I checked the max file size limit for collections was 64mb.
You need to do what legendofrobbo and add it via resource.AddWorkShop to make the clients download it.
To put it on the server you will have to extract the bsp out of the Gmail and upload it by hand.

gmad :v:

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Also, net_maxfilesize was able to fix the workshop for me strangely.

And that’s what I get for using my phone