How To Connect Models to PlayerModels?

Hey everyone,

So I recently made a cape and a hat (separately) and I’m able to bring them both into Garry’s Mod just fine, but I can’t seem to figure out how to make them into models that can be attached via Bonemerge or other means of connecting the model to Playermodels.

I’ve tried using $attachment and $bonemerge in the qc file, but it never gets into Garry’s Mod smoothly.

Instead, what it usually does is sort of distort itself onto the body and when the player moves his head up and down (considering I’m connecting it to Valvebiped.Bip01_Head1) it moves in a really weird way.

I’m using Blender to do this and I’ve connected my model to the Valvebiped.Bip01_Head1 when I compile it.

Any help would be greeatttt. I’ll send pictures if you need more information, just ask what you need from me to help you give me an answer.

Spawn the model, parent it to the player, then add the bonemerge effect. The child model has to have idential bones (the bones that should merge) as the parent model (same scale and stuff).

That’s the part I’m trying to learn. How would I do that in Blender. What bones would I keep, and what would I get rid of? And what would I have to do in the qc file.

Or maybe instead of bonemerge, how to make custom bodygroups for citizen models?