How to contact garry

Hello I have a problem with the purchase of a key rust paypal how can I contact?



send your paypal order receipt and the key you were given


I send the message to Garry but he still has not answered are this normal?

be patient, you aren’t the only person messaging him

Ya he probably has around 1121323 people messaging him just wait 1-7 days.

You should wrote: “Ya he probably has around 1121323 people messaging him for Rust keys just wait 1-7 days. until he kill those beggers”

This is normal You just got a wait a few more days or hours, it depends on garry’s mailbox

That would be rude, and I honstly dont care what other people want + Looks like that all you are here for.

All I’ve seen you do is be rude to people and try to big yourself up. I intend on purchasing a Rust key tonight but I’ve gotta say, the community seems pretty terrible.

Anyway OT:
Before mailing garry post what your issue is on here and someone else may be able to help you out, plus it’d be faster.

I don’t really understand what did you tried to tell me.BUT! I think garry get a lot of email about Rust keys, from beggers…