How to convert 3ds and obj file into Gmod

Hey guys i have some 3ds and obj file that i must convert into gmod but i don’t know how to do it because i’m an amateur in these things. Who would do me the favor to help me convert them?!? If you want to help me please leave your steam id so i can add you on steam and talking with you about my models. Thanks

I’ve had really good luck with 3ds Max and Shawn Olson’s Wall Worm Model Tools (though it took a very long time for me to figure out its configuration). If you need a workflow to do this sort of thing on a regular basis, I’d recommend looking into it.

I could volunteer to do a few meshes, but I think it’s always better to have the resources on hand to do it yourself, not only to speed things up but to guarantee you get results you’re comfortable with.