How to convert a Mixamo Fuse ragdoll into a Garry's Mod NPC/playermodel?

I want to create a ragdoll in Fuse and use a Valve NextBot NPC, but make it have my model. What am I supposed to do?

Here’s what I tried from following some tutorials that I found.

  1. Created a model in Mixamo Fuse
  2. Downloaded it as the Garry’s Mod Ragdoll type
  3. Decompiled the .mdl file with Crowbar
  4. Opened up the new.qc file
  5. Added this:

And replaced this:

With this:

  1. Saved and recompiled with Crowbar

Now I’ve used it in gmod. It is still in the T-Pose but this time it’s laying horizontal instead of vertical.

What did I do wrong?


While you changed the name of the bones of the model in the QC, the model itself still does not have the correct bone names. Open the model and change the name of each bone. If that still looks bad when you compile it, just rig it from scratch with the proper skeleton. If you’re unsure how to do this, here’s a video: