How to convert .mesh to .x or 3ds?

I’ve tried XNALara_XPS to convert .mesh to .x or 3DS (so that they will retain the bones), but the only export choice is .obj (without bones).
Is there any way I can convert .mesh to .x or 3DS (with bones)?

Noesis best converter i have found.

Tried that, but it says ‘file cannot be previewed’?

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Or is there any way to convert .mesh to any other boned format?

I can’t seem to find the scripts/plugins for it, but there was something that could be used with 3DS Max that allowed users to import models that were set up for XNALara. Assuming they’re still floating around somewhere, you might be able to use that with 3DS Max to import the model directly.

Noesis is a decent program, but it doesn’t seem to have any support (or supporting plug-ins) for XNALara models from what I searched up. That honestly won’t be of much use to them as a result.

Thank you guys, its solved. Managed to get a script to import xnalara .mesh into 3ds max, then converted it to .smd.
With bones intact!
The world is saved

For posterity’s sake, mariokartn64’s XNALara / XPS script for 3DSMax is what you want.

It can be a bit awkward to find the most recent version (in my experience, anyways), but I have a copy of it permanently hosted on my dropbox. Here is a link - if for some reason it goes down, someone just PM me about it and I’ll fix the link.

I know for a fact it works on 3DSMax 2010 32-bit, and 3DSMax 2011 64-bit, seeing as I have personally used it on both to import dozens of XNALara models.