How to convert or put old garrys mod addon models into Gmod13

I’ve recently downloaded a custom model I liked but it was for the old gmod and I don’t know how to put the addon into gmod 13? Any suggestions on how to convert or edit it to work in gmod 13?

  1. Download “legacy addons” from workshop. Search for it.
  2. Put your addon in “addons” folder in garrys mod folder.
  3. Rename info.txt to addon.txt

Should work now. It`ll be located under “legacy addons” in the Q menu of garrys mod.

Thanks! problem is they are all errors… why is that?

After renaming the text file, Gmod still has a bug when rendering the icons, test to see if the models still spawn, if they do, just right click one of the icons and select Rerender All Icons and things should be fixed.