How to convert sketchup in to blender

yes finally a converson method now listen

Here is the process for converting from .skp to .3ds

  1. Download or create a .skp model in Sketchup
  2. In Sketchup, export your model to "Google Earth 4 (*.kmz)
    (note: be sure to choose version 4, because the other one is different)
  3. Change the extention of the .kmz file to .zip
  4. Pull out the .dae file
    5)Download the COLLADA plug-in for Blender from Follow the included instructions for installing it

Not shure about this one i got it to work with out it ) Download export_3ds2kex.txt from (requires a free registration). Rename it to and copy it to the Blender scripts directory.

Not shure about textures when there converted over thats what i think export_3ds2kex is for :L

ummmm… your a little outdated. The new sketchup version exports to .dae (a form that blender can import can open with it’s built in importer.)
So yeah… Useless thread much?

sorry diddent know thought was helpfull

no problem.

1)make your model and extract it as a .dae
2)get full version of python which is free
3) import .dae and render or model some more

that’s kinda what I said… I just didn’t add in the python part. But every good blender user should already have that installed so…