How to copy a player model?

I need a way to copy the player model clientsided with all the animations set correctly. So I have an exact copy of what the client sees. I tried with SetSequence and SetCycle already, but this seems to mess up a lot.

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So you’re trying to say you want to copy exactly what the player is doing and put it on his screen? If so, a hard way to do it is by getting the model and then check if it’s pressing W then set it to do the running animation (the “hologram” on the screen) and same with A, S, D, Sprint, Crouch, etc.?

nah not exactly. I am using G.ClientsideModel() in order to create a model clientsided. Now this model should look exactly like the player. With all the animations and so on.

Well, that’s odd. I’m not sure then, sorry I can’t help you here. I’ve a limited knowledge of Lua and I’ve only started a few months ago.

So you want to make a “clone” of the player that does whatever animation the player is currently doing?

Make a custom entity, and use player:GetModel() and entity:SetModel() to set the model.

In the think function of the entity use player:GetSequence() and entity:SetSequence() to set the sequence.

That’s probably buggy as hell though.

Take a look at black ops legs, y’know you don’t have to ask unless there’s no reference (not trying to be a douche <3)