How to correctly animate stock NPCs in-game

As you may know, stock Gmod NPCs do a variety of stuff that breaks how a lot of choreographing works — animation sometimes getting stuck, flex data not being used, etc.

I found a crappy workaround other than using cycler_actors (which can’t have any models attached, such as guns, which may be a huge limitation for some)

  1. Disable AI
  2. Spawn your NPC
  3. Look at it and type this in the console: ent_fire !picker startscripting
  4. Now, input any commands you are going to use, e.g. ent_fire !picker setexpressionoverride scenes/oa5p2_femrebel_01.vcd

And there you go. The animation plays (and loops) properly. And unlike cycler_actors, you can have attachements (guns/etc) in their hands!

Wow, thanks.

The problem with this, is you can’t spawn the npc you wont until you come across him (for example, If I want male_02) you would have to spawn and delete until he shows up, and I know not all Models for some NPC load that way.

also who didn’t know this??

Alright, Max. How do you properly make complex custom animations and implement them into GMOD. Not before creating an NPC for the ragdoll first. How do you do it?

There’s a whole bunch of these tutorials out there on the internet already…


Holy fucking ass, this came just in time

fucking thank you

If you needed help with this, Faolco, you could have asked.


You would to have some high end technology like motion recorders and import those animations to a source model in the appropriate format.

obviously we can’t do anything complex cause we dont have the technology.


what happens is you attach the things onto all main body parts of a person (torso, hands, legs, feet) in this case. the person ACTUALLY breakdanced and the mechanism would record the motion its recieving. then you would have to convert the animation file into Source format then import it to the .mdl file. and walla.

We don’t need motion capture for complex animations. Anyone who has had at least 5 yrs experience in game design would tell you what a useless pain in the ass it is. The Gman video was likely done without Motion capture.

well then it would probs be a modelling program keyframe by keyframe. MaYa, 4D Cinema or milkshape 3d


no probably too it. It is obvious it was made that way, just by looking at it, it is evident it was made with a custom animation program via keyframes.

Will it still work even though I have multiple actors in one scene? For example, would it work if I set all of my npc’s for a name (the names correspond to the ones in the choreography tab in faceposer) then ran the command saying ent_fire (NAME) setexpressionoverride scenes/staringmosque.vcd?


nvm…I figured it out, thanks again



I don’t know if it works only for tf2, but whatever…

(Sorry for this off topic post)

ps: I still don’t know how to compile the animations D:

Thanks, yeah, I saw this one a while ago, he’s doing it a way different way then I am.


That was creepy.