How to correctly setup people to download my maps?

Hello, just created an account here, hope to learn with you guys.
So I’m hosting a TTT gmod server from my computer and I just can’t understand if I’m setting up maps for people download correctly.

  • I created a collection and placed my maps there, all fine. On the server those maps appear on the vote list but when they’re loading it says “missing map file”
  • So I added “resource.AddWorkshop(“blablabla”)” in a lua file for my maps and that seems to work but I notice that people are downloading ALL MAPS at once, which is making people to give up on getting to my server because it takes too much time.
    Can’t I make them to download only the map that is currently being played and the server addons with a good speed?
    Thank you all.

If your server is loading the map from a workshop addon you don’t have to do anything AFAIK, it’s added to download list automatically.