How to crash any sandbox-based server and all its players

Hello community. It has been brought to my attention that a bug reported to Garry over a year ago has still not been fixed. As such, I will need to release it in order to gather more attention. The following will crash any sandbox server and all its players.

  1. Type into console: thruster_soundname ???
  2. Make a thruster
  3. Use thruster
  4. ???
  5. Profit (server crash)

Note: The same can be done with a variety of other tools, and can be done with their materials, not just sounds.

Thank you for your time.

If you want Garry to fix this, please send him a message:
Email: [EMAIL=“”]

Gee whiz, thanks infinitywrai!

Using “???” doesn’t crash the server, it ONLY crashes clients.

local function fuckme( ply, trace, tool )
if string.find( ply:GetInfo( tool … “_soundname” ), “?” ) then
–ban here, get fucked kid!
ply:Ban(0, “Thruster SoundName Exploit~”)
return false
elseif string.find( ply:GetInfo( tool … “_sound” ), “?” ) then
–again ban here, get fucked kid!
ply:Ban(0, “Turret Sound Exploit~”)
return false
hook.Add( “CanTool”, “SoiSoiSoiSoi”, fuckme )

Problem? :v:

This is fixed in gmod 13. So don’t bother spamming garry about it and just man up until the update.

What about turret_sound? Also you need to return false or the tool will be executed anyway.

Meh, made it up in about 5 seconds, didn’t bother checking. Fixed.

No, there are dozens of these commands. The fix is more complex than just blocking a those few commands. You can do the same crash with _materials commands. Also, the string is not limited to only ???

If you know about it, chances are, Garry already fixed it in v13.

And if he didn’t, you just told him anyway.

They can just put some other invalid character like an asterisk.

Can someone definitely say this was fixed in GMod 13 by testing it?

Garry was notified of this bug over a year ago and still hasn’t fixed it in the current GMod.

I have created an experimental fix that should work for any tool or code and so forth.
It won’t (shouldn’t) break stuff. Gotta see if it works before I post it around.
Feel free to try and crash people with the exploit on steam://connect/

Fixed crashing on invalid sound

A quick check on the change logs would have told you this bug is well known about and Garry has addressed it along with other multiple exploits. FPtje fixed it in a DarkRP revision aswell awhile ago.

think this thread should be locked and the user banned. these sort of topics shoudnt be allowed and just serve to cause problems and encourage drama. i really wish there was a “report” button on posts…

There is

Garry’s Mod 13 has this fixed since Garry could reproduce the crash easily due to these threads.
I created a universal fix for GMod12 if anyone wants to test it.
Wiremod fixed this on their code just a moment ago.

…and you want to remove these kind of threads? Why? To keep the crashes underground and not too easily traceable so few people who share these exploits with each other in exchange for other exploits or money could benefit?

As Python1320 said, you want people to not post threads detailing crash exploits, meaning the exploits would not likely get noticed by garry / the community at large and then get fixed?
Not sure you thought this through