how to create a dev server?

After long searching I can not find the option.

Do not know if it’s possible to create a dev server for any person or need a permit.

I have a server in experimental rust with about 80 people on average and web where I put information about updates (in Spanish).

The reason I want to create a dev server is to show the next few updates on my website (no need to take hours to get recipes and material).

As does website in English.

I hope someone knows about this, thanks in advance, greetings.

Put -beta development in your SteamCMD command. Be warned, the development server gets updated every time @RustUpdates tweets and the build finishes compiling and uploading to Steam. This can be 20 times a day.

Keeping a dev server up to date is more involved than the normal branch because of that.

thanks you!.
No problem, I have a autoupdate server (very simple, a .bat file (converted to .exe) with the commands for update the server and once is updated start, the command -update for close the server after a new update and a windows app for monitorize the app and when is closed the app reopen the .exe).