How to create a Donator Rank work

Well I have ULX, I already did a Donator TEAM, and I have the jobs.
I disabled Fadmin so any fadmin functions WON’T work,
any way of setting jobs to be Donator’s only without fadmin functions?

That’s including FAdmin functions apperantly…

GetUserGroup is not an FAdmin function…
You’d want to use this to determine whether the user is in the “donator” usergroup

Then, why did it work only before I disabled FAdmin?

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Also written,

The above code should work with ULX. If you wish to allow any inherited groups too (eg admin/superadmin), replace this:

ply:GetUserGroup() == “donator”
by this:


atleast upload youre doner jobs to pastebin or hastebin so we have something to work with…