How to create a Player model from Models I already have?

So I have Models from other peoples mods and i wanted to turn them into player models, can anyone give me a step by step walk through and software i need to do this please? Thank you

It’s called Google my friend, it is called Google.

Can I get a real answer and not some trolling piece of shit in here?

It’s called Google my friend, it is called Google.

Erhh if you really cbf searching ill help you out

Here, was that sooooo hard?

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I viewed this thread already but not what im looking for man, but thanks

But that’s exactly what you asked for. So not sure what else you want. Unless you’re asking us how to rerig things to the valveBiped

Well im not converting an NPC into a playermodel from the looks of that thread, im taking a ragdoll model just a model and turning it into a playermodel

Well if the ragdoll is already on the valvebiped biped, you can do the same as is described in the thread.
If it isn’t, you will have to rerig the thing to the valve biped and then you can do it.

Alternatively you could probably recreate the entire animation MDL with your animations (the skeleton you have) and call them all like the original anims.

I get what your saying, but unfortunatly i wouldn’t be able to do any of that stuff, the models i wanted to try and make a playermodel out of was a few call of duty waw models i found on facepunch so im assuming they’d have to be rigged. These arent turned into models only 3D max files, but id love to have the russian Gilli suit turned into a player model: