How to create a private server

When ever i try to host a private server with logmein hamtchia no one can ever join me do i have to have a some sort of addon downloaded in steam or is there another possible way of creating a private server in gmod

Well to create a private server you don’t require hamachi at all, all you need to do is create a server with a password, then the only people who can enter is those that know the password

does it have to be a lan party? or any of my friends can join because if its just lan then i have a problem because my friends live all over the country

You have to portforward the Garry’s Mod ports for your server to be joinable.

Here’s an example on how I portforwarded, if you don’t know how google “Garrys Mod portforwarding”

EDIT: The port for Garry’s Mod is 27015