How to create a Rust Alpha server [with configuration data generator]

How to create a Rust alpha server (experimental or development).
My english sucks, help me to improve the translation! Thanks…


What we have in the tutorial?

  • Local or remote server;
  • Step by step;
  • Configuration data generator;
  • Excellent for beginners.

Nice way to harvest server IP’s and corresponding RCON passwords :slight_smile:

iScripters, here we go:

  • The tutorial not have database (if you want I can provide the PHP files);
  • The tutorial is focused on helping those who want to create local server;
  • Third, I don’t need to get passwords of other people’s server, I have my own server and all I do is to help players of Rust (visit Rust Brasil fanpage and blog).

Sorry my bad english.

Admins should actually use if they want to learn something.

Valve’s page still tells you to install the ‘new’ dedicated server as:

The experimental became the default branch, eliminating the need for that beta switch, months ago.

His tutorial has it as well but regardless my point is a server admin should learn this stuff and not have a generator do the work for you.

There’s this site, and there are many others. My tutorial is focused to inexperienced people who want to have a local server for testing. :smiley:

the source is available to everyone (by Ctrl+U) and as its a simple javascript function to concat all the strings together. It doesn’t leave nor communicate remotely from the users web browser.

You’ve put effort into the website and it looks very nice, I’m sure it will help beginners.

Very thanks! I do what I can to help Rust community (mainly brazilian community).