How to create a Server in Garry's Mod :)?

Hey there, I wanted to make an private server so me and few friends could play together,
I googled first but it got kind’of confused when some where “using source Dedicated Server” and some were use “HLSDedicated Server” and some where “without Dedicated server”,
then I hit a question via Yahoo and there they said it costed creating a server.

Could anyone tell me just one specific answer so I can do this, and how I do it, i’ve downloaded 2x tools in Steam “Dedicated Server” and “Source Multiplayer Dedicated Server” and neither of them bring the option of Garry’s mod.

Can anyone help me?

Uh, getting a dedicated server on the masterlist would require you to pay. But you could try hamachi with lan on Gmod. Best option would be hamachi and using the lan function.

ok thanks :wink:

This is free…and PvtVain you don’t have to pay to get on the master server list, you just have to make your server online.

By the way…I did the method in the link and me and my friends and now play multiplayer together…for free…and it just takes time.

PS: There is a way to make a password for the server…you just have to look into it.

You should buy one, much easier, also much faster.
You can also just create one in Gmod itself, and then let them type into the console “connect [youriphere]”
This will work, I do it all the time, if it doesn’t work, just install Hamachi.

Making it yourself may take up to 13 hours to download the files, so I would buy one.

Depends how often you want to play it and if bandwidth is a problem for you.

All the hosts that I previously bought a Garry’s Mod Server from had ALL sucked. (so know i bought a legitimate server and host all my own shit)