How to Create And Use a Custom Skybox Material in Source 2

Hi there!

My name is Saandy, and this is my first post on this forum! I'm planning another post this week to showcase the map I have been working on for S&box, but for now I have a quick tutorial video to share!

The Source 2 tools at this time is largely undocumented, and it can be quite hard for people that come from outside the game development sphere to learn how to bring their creative visions to life within the engine.
I know Gvarados is planning on creating some tutorials, but I decided to sneak in one of my own berore that happened!

This video was quickly put together as an answer to a question on the unofficial S&Box Modding discord, so please excuse any inconsistencies or rambling! I am happy to answer any and all questions you have as replies to this Topic.

I see no point describing what the video is about, so here it is!


Great tutorial! Very to the point and short


This is useful to know, skyboxes have always been one of these things I wanted to try make but boggled my mind understanding how to even do them, this is a much more simple way to make them in source 2, now its figuring out how to make the image from like a 3d modeled big scene or something, but that’s something I want to do later on once I’m alot better at texturing.