How to create player/ragdoll models for Gmod

I would like to start creating player/ragdoll models for gmod but all the videotutorials I found are old and I cant easily understand written tutorials, thats why I prefer videotutorials, so does anyone knows about a videotutorial about how to create player/ragdoll models for gmod?If anyone tell me how to do it written I will try to make my best.

And, What kinda programs do I have to use for creating this kinda things?3ds max?Maya?


The program you choose is pretty much personal preference. If you’re working with Source, you’ll probably have better luck with Blender, 3ds max, or maya. Lower poly editing as well as rigging can include Milkshape 3d. Other useful programs are zbrush and mudbox if you’re wanting to do 3d sculpting. Anyway, I’m not sure what you’re trying to do, so I’ll give a quick explanation.

If you’re wanting to get into modeling from scratch, know that it’ll take quite a while to get at a professional level. It’s really not some monster you can’t achieve – it just takes time is all. Most of us here who put playermodels on the workshop stick to rigging existing models. The two biggest programs used for that are Blender and 3ds max.

Thanks, what I exactly want to do is create them like makeI dont know halo playermodel (master chief) and stuff, if you know of a tutorial please tell me. Thanks for your reply.

If you’re wanting to make a master chief model from scratch, you’ll probably want to use zbrush, maya, or max. I’m not sure very many people here can help you with that; it’s beyond the level most people still hanging around facepunch are at. If you just want to take a master chief model from Halo 5 when it’s out or something like that, it’s a completely different process.

Well master chief would be an example.When you say max do you refer to 3d max?xd.

Anyway thanks.

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Do you know of a page where I can be supported about this?Thanks

Are you new to modeling? You really shouldn’t be starting with GMod modeling.

First of all. It’s not easy. To do so you need to actually know a little bit about modeling. It’s taken me a couple months just to figure things out before I’ve started working on porting ragdolls. And even then Its been just fixing up pre-ported ragdolls.

When starting modelling, what should I start with?

Ok thanks, I will start seeing modelling tutorials.

I would recommend first getting Blender since I don’t think you would want to pay thousands of dollars for 3DS Max. Alternatively, if you are a college student you can get a student version of 3DS Max which is pretty much the full version free for 3 years.

After that, I would read the manual of the modeling program so that you can figure out how to use things. A notebook would be good for keeping notes on important keys you may be using often. There is a basic tutorial for Blender that teaches you how to make a cup. And there are many more that show you how to rig, UV map, and do all that professional stuff.

You don’t have to be a college student to get 3ds max for free. The student version means that you’re given the next 3 years it gives you to learn the program and that you won’t be using it to commercially sell anything you make. Anybody should be able to start the program.

Anyone knows an easy game to start with modding?

Most Source games in general are easy to work with when it comes to modding, as are some Unreal engine games, but I don’t see why you felt the need to bump a thread that’s almost a year old just to ask that. Didn’t you already make a thread asking that question anyways?

I was told the easy programs, but not an easy game to start with modding.

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Thanks man,do you know of any good first person shooter easy to mod, maybe an old game, but with some tutorials,Thanks.

Counter-Strike Source would be the easiest from my experience with the Source engine, and you can find a lot of tutorials over at GameBanana in their tutorials section. Alternatively, there are also some YouTube tutorials that you can look at; some are a bit dated, but they should work out nonetheless.

Now for the sake of stopping this thread from being bumped any further, please consider posting in the thread you originally made instead of bumping this old one.

CS:S is a really nice game to mod for. Also you can ask advice from all the good modders there.

Ok, Thanks both.