how to create software unpacker (for my own)?

i want to create my own game software unpacker. first i don’t know how to decrypt a game file have been encrypt. What skill, software, technique I will need to decrypt a game file? Somebody tell me how to do this, or where I gonna learn it? Hex reversing, right? Heard so interesting. But I still don’t know nothing a bout it.

What are you talking about and what does this have to do with GMod? o_0

Also, you do realize that there’s a difference between compression (packing) and encryption, right?
EDIT: Or you mean unpacking executables?


Is this a joke?

What on Earth are you…

  1. What f***ing game file are you talking about?
  2. Hacking what aspect of the game exactly?
  3. Do you have any clue what “encryption” means?
  4. If you don’t even have a slightest clue what this involves, it’s definitely not for you.
  5. Posting in full caps makes you look like an idiot.

Great joke m8, I r8 it 8/8