How to create stargate spawngates in other maps

hi all,i’m goign crazy,i lost the readme file that described how to place a stargate in a map,and making it work to appear into another map.searched all google about it,but no avail.i remember there was a consoel command “gate_spaen” or something,it creates a .ini files,and then i have to rename it,that’s all i remember.any help is very appreciated

any help

Download the readme again and ask questions in the stargate thread in Lua/Releases/Stargate.


before you use it, there is some file you have to edit so the command will work.

There was some GMod update that made it so you can’t make .ini ingame (or something like that), so now you have to edit one of the files so it makes a .txt file, which you can then make a .ini file (and then it will work).

I’ll try to find what file it is you have to edit

ok thanks carlisile.i’m yting it now

There is a config file that gives coordinates for every map in there on where to spawn a stargate…
and the DHD or whatever that weird thing is that’s near the gate…

This is the location of the files:


all the stargate locations for the maps is in there. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Why are there random spaces in the filename? Cuz in edit there is no spaces…

ok i foudn them,but what do i have to do to creat a working stargate in a map that is not amongs those?i started a map,opened up the console,wrote stargate_creategatespawner_file but othing doesn’t create a files that i have to rename…it doesn’t creat anythign at all!

yeah, the issue is that the way it makes the file got blocked by a GMod update (it could be exploited to upload file to your computer).

there is some file you have to edit, so instead of making a .ini, it makes a .txt (which aren’t blocked)

I can’t remember which file you edit, and I can’t find where I found out the info, because it is some in the last 50 pages of the previous Stargate thread

ok i read elsewhere that i have to rename that .txt file,but where it is located?

Put this file into /addons/stargate/lua/stargate/server:

This fixes the problem.

thanks,i searched the stargate thread you mentioned,but its closed\locked,that’s why i asked it here

There is a new one now.

not anymore :frown:

so i did used the fix that aVoN put up but now when i use the stargate_creategatespawner_file command, it tells me that it is an unkown command… anyone?

for me,it doesnt say its an unknown commad…its just says nothing…i input createspawner etx…and nothign happens,nor any filse is created

Is this still bugged? I tried the update and the file posted here>>>

I get nothing in the consol and its not creating the file when I type the commend in consol…

anyone know how to fix it?

it makes the a .txt in your data folder.

and make sure you put the fix in the right location, and that it overwrites the old version of the file.

I think I found a bug with the fix. Yes it does create a text file that I can then change to an INI file and it works fine.

However if I don’t replace the fix with the original “spawner.lua” and I load a map with ring platforms I get an error message and the ring platform models don’t spawn in.

Just thought I would mention it…