how to create the pills?

and for some time that I have the desire to create pills for gmod like this , but I need help on how to create them, so my question is this: some of you know how to create this kind of addon? and if so, what should I do?

I was going to create some, perhaps using models such as: strider or gunship, etc.

Thanks in advance.

How about you look at the code of the original addon?

I think it’s a good idea to begin with, but other than that I wanted to know which programs to use to make playable like this one strider

in short, I want to know if any of you know the step by step procedure to get at creating a pill, of course, whether this is always possible.

Or you could use my unsung pill framework.

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Also post in Questions next time.

Omg it’s awesome! ty!

anyone knows a tutorial how to create from scratch a pill? edit the pill framework is not easy unless you know at least the basics.

I hope someone can help me


A pill normally has two states:
On - Set about a second after the SWEP is deployed.
Off - Set as soon as the SWEP is holstered.

It’s usually a good idea to make a prop_dynamic entity in place of the player when the pill is active. So setting the state to On will do two basic things: make the player invisible, and create the prop_dynamic. It will need to have a model and be parented and have matching position/angles too, but that’s pretty self-explanatory.

Then what you’ll need to do is look at what the player is doing and set the prop_dynamic’s animations accordingly. Walking, running, jumping, swimming, attacking, and idle are the main things to check for. Then you can add the code for when you attack in the SWEP’s PrimaryAttack and SecondaryAttack functions.

When setting the state to off you’ll need to make the player visible again, remove the prop_dynamic, and reset any other player values you changed.

The rest is all dependent on the pill you’re making. You may need to adjust the speed and jump power of the player. You may need to add some extra entities/effects for the attacking methods. At that point it’s about having the knowledge and creativity for it.

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Oh, and a CalcView hook or camera entity so it can be in third person view.

thanks again