How to create ULX groups ?


I was wondering how to create ULX groups and config the permissions.


There is like a million tutorials if you bothered to take 10 seconds to type your question into Google.

There may be a lot of Tutorials but not a lot of them are good tutorials.

There’s a ULX forum where they’ll answer any question about their addon.

You literally open the UI with ‘!menu’.
Then go to the groups tab and create a new group.
Then go to the permission of that group and tick all the ones you want.

The tutorial should AT LEAST point you in the right direction. It sounds like you’re not even trying, or have never, ever looked at any kind of permission set-up before. In ANYTHING.

Of course they aren’t. Nobody thought a server owner would be THAT lazy to actually make a proper tutorial. It’s like those “How to drink” instructions on water bottles, it’s only there because they HAVE to be there. Nobody ever looks at it and says “Gee I really needed this tutorial!”

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My country’s top brand water does…

Not sure if you were being serious, but water bottles don’t have them.


Open the menu.


Redone ~

Just like he said, but when you go to the ‘!menu’ it is easier to find the ‘User Management’ tab to give you a lot more options then above, and all you need to do after that is scroll until you find ‘add group’ tab inside of ‘User Management’ tab. And then name the group, and click add group. Then join it by clicking add user to group type your name and you’r done!

~ Jacob :smile: