How to create Water?

Guys, how do you make water in Source2? :sweat:


It’s on my todo list to find out


This guy has some pretty cool water in his VR project, not sure if it’s useful at all but.

why doesn’t he render the water :worried:


There is no “built-in water”?

Half-Life: Alyx didn’t feature any, all the puddles were just reflective surfaces from what I can remember so it probably wasn’t very high on their priority list.

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Water is not the sort of mechanic you can introduce to a VR player that well.

Why not? I feel like it would essentially be climbing without using the grip button and with less velocity lost

Well, it’s generally a locomotion issue. Normally water is used to add another degree of freedom into the gameplay;- the abillity to swim up/down. It’s also used with breathing constraints to make the player go through sections at specific speeds;- they can’t hang around because they need air.

With adding it into VR, completely ignoring the deal with differently heighted players, you can’t really interact with or move the player around much, it gets nausiating for people new to VR. Another thing is thinking about how locomotion can be done while in water during VR. Some people are unable to do smooth locomotion and have to stick specifically to teleport-based, otherwise they get motion sickness. So how would you have water, that the player can freely teleport in, while not getting moved around by it?

Considering Valve’s love for water levels, I’m sure they have tried before, but wasn’t able to get it to a good standard and just decided to leave it. It’s not impossible to do, since some players you can just stick on normal movement and they cope easily, it’s just an issue for the lesser-experienced VR players.


Weak people who can’t handle walking normally in VR don’t deserve water. Then let the elite VR people be brick dolphins to them. Simple fix.

if(PhysObject.getMaterial() == Material.Water){
if(Player.getLocomotionMode() == LOCOMODE.Teleport){

gotta fake it til ya make it

water XD

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Creating water physics wasn’t something that came as a part of Source 2 with HLA and there’s not been any official support for it in the mapping tools, so I think S&box would need it’s own implementation (and materials and shaders) for it.

Although gvarados on Twitter has functionally implemented it in HLA which is very cool!

Excited to see S&box’s approach to water.


I can’t wait to make mud and waves like I did in gmod (but better)




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Sure it is if you want everyone to get motion sickness that’s the only down side and some vomit even.

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That sounds like lovely real water experience.

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what about the Dota 2 water, is it just fake too?

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Does it have any boyancy?

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Here’s an early version of water I made for an HLA map.

I got water working the same as HL2 (swimming, splashes, fog) but it freaks out in VR so I couldn’t use it :frowning: