How to Curb Naked Radtown Runs

With the recent change to radiation in radtowns I thought about how to change the current naked barrel running blueprint hunt.

It should be a risk/reward system.

First off, no radiation poisoning from being around a radtown (Just as it is now.)
Barrels, when destroyed, would release a random amount of radiation.
The radiation can still be reduced from hazmat items.

This creates a risk reward system from each barrel. Do I risk furthering my radiation poisoning to get ONE MORE BARREL? Or do I just walk away? Will this next barrel give me 1 poison, or 50?

No more naked runs because you can still survive with just hitting on barrel, but hitting two or more MAY put you into the lethal zone.

“So what about crates?”

Crates could have irradiated items inside. A radiation marker in the corner could denote that the item is irradiated.
When these irradiated items are placed inside your inventory you take radiation damage and/or you can only carry a certain amount. (Perhaps two irradiated items at a time, 4 with hazmat gear)

What do you guys think?

People would still suicide into a freshly spawned radiation free body. Or let themselves die to spawn into a new body.

People would just throw spears at barrels and wait a bit.

Add a movement speed slowing effect to radiation, scales with rads, after you hit like 25 you ms get’s slowed by a lot.

Means naked runs would be a lot less effective.

Radiation should be lethal unless wearing hazmat gear. Other gear shouldn’t give much protection.

Those who disagree, skin your dog, wear his pelt, go to Chernobyl then report back.

I think part of the intent with the new system is that BP fragments create a risk, especially when they reintroduce the new radiation.

I think you’re going to have to spend the fragments at a research table make BPs, so you now risk dying to other players with all your fragments, or when radiation comes back, dying to radiation before you can put them somewhere safe.

They should make it so that there are ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ periods for the radiation based on various environmental factors. So when the area is hot you would would probably die very fast without any hazmat gear, whereas during heavy rain/storms or something you can get away with going into irradiated areas with less gear.

I also disagree with radiation draining health like bleeding. You should start losing health quickly once you reach the level of acute radiation poisoning, but at different levels below that you should just experience other side effects.

Am I the only one that didn’t think full hazmat gear was that effective? I would have thought it would very substantially decrease radiation but you can still easily get rads to 150+ in a radtown run.