How to: DarkRP server with no CS:S dependencies

Tired of people not connecting because of CS:S content? It’s easy to fix this (no piracy):

  • In disabled_defaults.lua, disable all the darkrp default weapons
  • Again, in disabled_defaults, turn off 3 foods: orange, banana, and bananas
  • Install and implement weapon pack of your choice (if you want CS:S weapons, I recommend the PTP C_Model pack:, watch out though: they give a lot of ammo on pickup, so you gotta fix that)
  • If you kept the C_Model cs weapons, get a nice CS:S weapon retexture so that they look hi-res again.
  • Replace your money entity (in the config lua file for DarkRP). You can also simply find a money model, call it the same thing as the CS model, and add it to fastdl.
  • The same thing you did for the money ent is what you must do for the microwave. This is a bit trickier, though, so I suggest just replacing the model. [Thanks, koz]
  • Some maps also require various game content. Find a scratch RP map from source textures. RP_Locality is a good example. Everyone can see the textures, models, etc
  • ???
  • Profit (or run a free server :smiley: )

*Adding the CS:S content through workshop or fastdl is not a valid solution, as it is illegal. Even though nobody really cracks down on it, it’s always good to not be a pirate

Here’s the C_Model Source SWEP implementation as an example (the last two are for durgz mod):


wat…why even play gmod multiplayer if you don’t have css, 95% of all servers and gamemodes require css content to work

90% of DarkRP relies on CSS for models and materials. You would literally need to change all the models for weapons and entities.

I’d say a good 5% of it relies on CS:S. Just the stuff I listed in the first post. Maybe I missed something, in which case I will add it. But yeah… not much changing is needed at all…

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I am running a server right now, and connecting to it without CS:S content mounted. Everything works fine…

Most, if not all ‘good’ DarkRP maps require CS:S for textures and models.

I said models and materials not the entire gamemode itself. Stock DarkRP uses CSS models for it’s stuff. You’re looking at all of the weapons, money, shipment, and microwave.

My percent was exaggerated but it’s still a large majority.

But for servers you use SteamCMD to get the server content for free? Or am I missing something here

the point here is to help the players who dont have css

the main issue here is that most maps for gmod (not just dark rp ones) use css, so your map choice is going to be very limited

Holy crap! You’re right, I missed the microwave. Stupid me…