How to deal with a minge who's preventing me from getting on my favourite server?

So, I got into an argument with this guy on a spacebuild server, about whether or not my ship was lagging. Eventually, he deliberately crashed the server out of spite. Now, whenever I try to get onto it, he immediately crashes the server, regardless of how many people are on it. Is there anything I can do to stop him?

Go to a different server. :v:

I’ve looked, but this is the only server I can find that is public, has noclip and stays on the map I want.

Be a little more flexible. I don’t know much about spacebuild, but aren’t you supposed to not have noclip…

Have you asked the admins about this?

No noclip ruins trying to build anything. You lose noclip once you go into space, you end up just floating there till you die.

Also, yes, contact an admin. That is the best you can do.
Out of curiosity, what is the server?

Not HAVING noclip ruins trying to build anything. I don’t want to have to prop-surf to work on large ships or stations.

Only if you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s fully possible to keep your momentum and air-strafe to steer to a space station or planet. Anyways, if you DO get stranded in space, you can either aim for a rebound off the top of the map, land on the bottom of the map and jump towards a planet, or at the very least open your console and type ‘kill’ to suicide and respawn.

Sorry, meant to say NO noclip. Gaffe fixed. And yeah, I know that too.

Yea, what server are you playing on? Also you could try changing your username, so he won’t think you are on the server.

K, the server IP is Is there an easy way to change my username?

You don’t change your Steam community name by going into friends, right-clicking on your icon and choosing change profile name.

Trust me, how could anyone possibly believe that was how you changed your profile name?

Because he probably doesn’t have him in friend, or his steamid written down.

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Also that server has been offline for the past 5 hours, i would suggest the SAS Elite servers (Spacebuild and Navalwars). They got shipcore + extensions, e2 functions to make weapons and SBEP

CatFodder, remove him from your friends if he’s in them, and ensure that he’s not enough of a batshit psychopath to track down your Steam ID and check it whenever anyone joins.

Problem solved.