How to deal with missing textures using my application

Hello, as first I want to say I’m not earning anything on this, the project is open source and non profit.

So, many people have troubles with missing textures, I have 3300 hours in the game, and a lot of times I heard “EVERYTHING IS PURPLE STUPIT GAME!!!111!!”, also I brought a lot of friends to the game and they had problem with missing textures too, so basicly I created application which will download and install all required models for you, I hope it isn’t against the law and rules of the forum. As it’s open source, you can make fork and compile your own version, also I’m opened for suggestions. And in case it’s against any rules / law or something, I’m really sorry.


How does it looks like?

I was hoping this would actually interface with steamcmd or something to legally get you the textures. Instead, it just downloads from an unauthorised host, and with the disadvantage that you can’t just do it through your browser.

I would gladly support this if it used SteamCMD since you can get them publicly that way, but at this moment, this is against illegal distribution.

Actaully that’s the same, in both ways you don’t buy css/hl2ep2, just the thing about current way is that I have to pay for sever which is hosting the files

Just use SteamCMD then…

You don’t have the right to distribute their game files. That’s the difference.

My idea would be to make your own replacement textures.

You arent legally permitted to distribute those files. Steam is… and SteamCMD is a legal means to distribute those files.

Just use SteamCMD as it allows for content to be updated automatically and has integrity checks