How to deal with Smoothing Issues in 3DS Max?

FYI, I am currently using 3DS Max 2015.

First 2 models are imported from a .dae file
Last model is imported from a .smd file.

Currently, I have been trying to find a way to deal with the smoothing issues as seen from the pictures above, but so far, my attempts in finding a solution have been fruitless and I am not too sure on how to fix this issue.

very often, welding together the edges that don’t have smooth shading works for me to fix something like your issue.

that is assuming simple editing of smoothing groups doesn’t do anything at all.

Certain formats tend to break some edges when imported into max, causing smoothing problems like the above

If you try to move the vert where the unsmoothed edges meet you might find that it leaves a gap instead of deforming properly

In most situations you can easily fix this by selecting all of your vertices and using the weld tool with a low threshold like 0.05

Some formats tend to bake in normals.

If welding and, changing smoothing groups doesn’t work, slap an edit normals modifier on it. Next, right click, make sure it’s set to “normals” and control + a to select all. Next on the right hand panel, find “reset” and press it. You can then collapse the stack if you wish.

I tried it out. I welded the vertices and then changed the smoothing groups, but I still looks weird on some parts of the models.

I did that and then I welded the vertices and applied smoothing groups. I still got the same results as the picture shown.

Are the lines blue or green in the edit normals panel?

The lines are blue as you described.

Could be you have multiple faces in the same area.

What do you mean by that and plus, how do you propose on dealing with that issue?

So does anyone know how to deal with this?

Anyone know how to fix this smoothing issue? Because every time I try to fix the smoothing issue. It always seems to make the smoothing issue worse.

I’d personally try having just an editable poly and manually welding together edges.

Well, I did what you said, although I am not too sure if this fixes the problem because I am getting this small line here.

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since I assume the un-smoothed edges you previously had were caused by UV seams, I’m thinking the small line you can see is caused by areas of the texture you’re using not having color information, which is probably causing the line you can see.

So what’s that suppose to mean and how I will be able to fix this?

it basically means that the UV mapping makes a part of your texture without proper coloring cover the visible part of your model.
if this is actually the case, you could try

  • tweaking the UV mapping to push the relevant vertex’s mapping into the part of the texture it should use
  • or editing the texture to give proper coloring to the part of the model that doesn’t have it

I see, but how would I actually be able to tweak the UV mapping?

you should be able to do it with the “Unwrap UVW” modifier.

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you’ll probably have to re-apply your skin modifier, since you’ll have to collapse from the “Unwrap UVW” modifier.

Alright. I have been tweaking around with the Unwrap UVW modifier, but none of them seem to get close to my desired result. In fact, it makes even worse no matter how I do it.

don’t use UVW XForm, use Unrap UVW