How To debrand your Server name (MULTIPLAY ::)

As the title suggests, whenever you wipe your server or update etc, you will have to redo this process, its simple
rcon.login password
server.hostname “SERVER NAME”
Hit Enter.

This is a repost as I do not know which sub forum to post it into…

I seem to remember something in their ToS that you must have multiplay at the start of the name.

I could be wrong, but it’s worth checking before you get yourself into trouble or they suspend your server.

If anyone can clarify I’m wrong, then please do.

If your paying for a sever that better not be the case.

For Multiplay servers you must pay extra for the debranding, something like $4 more a month.

You have to pay extra to be able to remove “Multiplay” from the begin of your servername. It’s called ‘branding’, which is BS imo.

Others posted after me, what I was remembering was the paying extra for de-branding, not in the ToS.

Thanks :slight_smile:

On a side note though, if you haven’t paid for de-branding then do it yourself whether it works or not could still be against the ToS. Be safe!

The debranding may suck but I gladly pay for it. They have the most reliable servers I have ever rented, with decent pricing. Every server I ever got was setup with seconds of submitting payment. The free mumble matching the slots of your server is pretty nice too. Not all of them do it, some actually only offer 2 mumble slots free and you pay a “reduced” rate for the rest, that is BS IMO, as it works out a lot more then the debranding charge. This has been my experience.

Agreed, Multiplay has been great for us too. Be careful debranding your server like that. If that is in violation of their terms then you could wake up one day to find your server gone.

I had multiplay, but their file manager frustrated me with how limited it was, so i transfered to HFB, paying £13 for 100 slots

You’re aware you have a server.cfg for a reason - you can simply enter that command as a line in your config and it will launch everytime the server launches

Also they’ll probably shut down your server for this because they charge for de-brand

thanks for clearing that up about Multiplay, another hoster to avoid!

I went with them until you find out the mumble they offer “free” was only 2 slots, the cost after that made it more than Multiplay… Setting up servers takes forever and contacting them goes into a blackhole. No thanks. Had no luck with them, hope your experience is better.

The free slots for mumble matches the server size you pay for.

You can also host a 30 (might be wrong on the amount) slot server on TS3 for free if that interests you more? More people seem to use TS3 rather than Mumble which is why I set it up for our server. Tutorials are all over google but reply back if you want a link.

Not for HFB, I am on the order page, for 100 slot game server the cost of mumble is $23 a month, they only take $2 off… I’ll pay Multiplay $30 for mine, thank you very much.

Here is a picture of the order page

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Not a big fan of TS, our group has used mumble for a long time and like it. Thanks for the info though, appreciate it :slight_smile:

have fun with HFB…the only thing i experienced with HFB is an unresponsive behaviour once you logged in their game panel. shittiest hosting company i ever encountered. try to install&deinstall addons, good luck on that when it takes 15mins to get a prompt or 9 out of 10 cloudflare fails

No worries :slight_smile: Good to see another program getting some love though! Competition is only a good thing for us consumers :smiley:

I haven’t experienced any of this with them :S

You know een, I was like you. I enjoyed HFB and loved their service. Then, over a week or 2 after I became another ‘customer’ their service became absolute shit and terrible quality. I’ll finish out the remainder of my month with them and transfer over to MPGS and suffer a 50 slot hit and a $4 debranding fee for servers that are capable of actually running instead of just being null routed the second a small ddos attack comes in.

experienced that for 3 weeks, didnt matter what time and what i tried to do.

Thank you for that incredibly condescending description.

You can go with whoever you like, I hope it goes well for you.

I’ll wait it out and see what happens.