How to DECREASE minging on your DARKRP server

  1. Pick good admins differant timezones so their is an admin on alot
  2. Put gun price up to like AK shipment 15k (cant buy them first time their on server)
  3. Gun licenses
  4. make tooltrust and phystrust disable toolgun and physgun for all players except the ones on the list
  5. Prop cost change to 100


Or just ban them…these methods will only decrease it by a minor amount, banning works better as it scares the rest of the motherfuckers.

In my own opinion, that is an impossibility; minging on a darkrp server will always be off the chart.

Quit darkrp.


1,000 posts!!!

This. It’ll never be possible to stop minging on DarkRP, your just adding to the problem by playing on it. Most minges are 12 year olds who can’t afford a server so if you all give up your DRPs or change to a better gamemode the minges will have to learn or GTFO.

How to DECREASE minging on your DARKRP server - Shut the fucking thing down

Fail thread is pretty fail.

Get admins that are active.

I used to have admin on a darkrp server, very few mingebags on it.
I used to just use rp_arrest name 30 as first warning,
Then kick as the second warning and then a 30 minute ban as the actual punishment.

The more warnings you give a mingebag before the banhammer is used the more likely it is that will want to carry on thinking they have got away with it.


Mingery will NEVER go away… Its sad but true, so deal with it and dont restrict toolgun and physgun, that just causes ppl to say “NO TOOLGUN OOOOR PHYSGUN!!! TIHS SERVER SUkS”

  1. Switch gamemodes to GmodRP :smug:



Maurits is right, you stop minges by switching to another gamemode. Like GmodRP.

So much GMordRP buttfucking, that gamemode is almost as abusable as DarkRP last time I checked, with all the useless shit that is included (flare gun for example). If you want a real un-abusable RP, just lock down sandbox like no tomorrow, if you can’t RP without the script you are a tard.

Well when I joined I noticed real roleplaying. Flare gun has been removed from the latest update as far as I know.

DarkRP is horrible!
Use Cakescript, or Catscript, or Tacoscript.

DarkRP = DarkDM

Our two favorite Slobbots are back to troll up more DarkRP threads :v: Go home little boys, let the men discuss their gamemodes in peace.



I think this whole forum is pointless, but it keeps the bullshit away from the LUA Coding or Gamemodes forums.

That means that this forum is very useful