How to defend your base's loot from hackers

If you want to keep your loot safe inside of your house, KEEP YOUR LOOT AWAY FROM THE WALLS!!!

From my experience, they have to be basically right beside your box to be able to loot it. I would suggest making a base around 3-5 stories and store ALL CRATES near the center of the house. Keep it as far away from the wall as you possibly can.

I hope this helped!

instead they’ll just use the full inventory of duped explosives to get inside.


nobody asked?

They need to stop the duping! Kill a guy with over 200 c4s on him trying to rob me. Now im at work and I think my house will be ruined!!! Admins please patch it asap!!!

Yeah duping is pretty rediculous. I’m fairly sure that Facepuch devs barely have enough time at the moment to even work on a fix for the hacks as for the have tons of DDoS attacks that probably rank a bit higher on priority list sadly.